Telephone Services

Essex Telephone Services offered

The telephone services listed below are a small list of the phone related problems we can take care of.
Whether telephone, broadband, wifi or data call us for advice and a resolution.
Certified fibre optic engineers
The local Essex specialist in fibre optic repairs.
Damaged connections repaired
Fibre optic services repositioned

Any of your telephone sockets repositioned, replaced
Is the telephone socket, currently in the wrong position? Tell us and we can put it in the right position.
Is there a BT junction box situated in the way? Call now, for our team to move it.

Broadband & Wifi Diagnostics
Do you suffer with poor broadband speeds? Able to test and confirm how your broadband service works.
Weak WiFi affecting your dwelling? Improve your WiFi signal, ensuring complete coverage.

Phone cable faults
Telephone cabling causing an issue, damaged, split open? That’s exactly where we come in.
Noisy, crackly line, annoying you? For this reason we’re ready to verify the responsibility of the telephone fault.

Inside and outside telephone wires renewed
Ugly telephone wiring annoying you? Wires making the outside of your house look messy? 
With attention to detail our Essex telephone services team are always on hand to complete these tasks..

Telephone wiring can be hidden – Our speciality
You don’t have to have your telephone wiring on show? Where possible, telephone wiring hidden as standard practice

The Essex team do not clip wires around door frames? Ex BT engineer Essex, move all telephone wiring effortlessly.
Giving you dedication to each task. Unlike Openreach installations.

Telephone extensions installed and repaired
Need a telephone extension socket, for example, behind the TV? An easy job for your local ex bt engineer.
Elderly relative wants a phone next to the bed? Ex BT engineer Essex, always on hand to help.

BT junction boxes replaced
Small junction box broken and your BT wires are on show? Carrying the correct equipment to repair and replace is part of our job.

Junction box in the way on your window or door frame? Let us move it to a new location, likewise with any telephone works.

Data Cabling, Ethernet, Cat5e / Cat6
WiFi not reaching where you need it to? Ethernet cabling installed to give you a hardwired connection to the router.
Kids screaming about the Xbox or Playstation dropping out? We will hardwire an ethernet link, no more problems.

The telephone services team installing a new cable
Installing new telephone cabling

Commitment to get it right

Residential or commercial clients?  We have the solution.
If your service provider is costing the earth to give you a basic service, first thing to remember is ex BT Essex.
Firstly, call us for a genuine quote and recommendation on how to fix it.
Over the years we have seen some terrible telephone workmanship, however help is at hand.
With ex BT engineer in Essex, all your home and business problems can be repaired.
It is very frustrating, waiting in all day hoping someone will turn up”.
Talk to us – We will turn up when agreed and keep in touch.

Telephone services by Essex Telephone Engineer

Telephone Trivia

1. Originally push-button dials had only 10 buttons. The # and * buttons were added in 1968.

2. Alexander Graham Bell, who is widely regarded as the inventor of the telephone,
recommended answering calls with the word ‘Ahoy’.

3. Thomas Edison finally suggested saying ‘Hello’.
The word had usually been spelt ‘hallo’ or ‘hullo’ before he introduced ‘hello’ for phone calls.

4. The Italian-American Antonio Meucci invented a telephone in 1871, which was five years before Bell,
but was too poor to renew his patent for it.

5. Bell’s patent for the telephone was modestly titled ‘Improvement in Telegraphy’.

6. Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed the first red telephone kiosk, called the K-2,
for the General Post Office, London, in 1924. Between 1926 and 1935.
The GPO installed more than 1,700 of the cast-iron kiosks around the U.K. capital.
Today, only 224 remain and carry a Grade II status from English Heritage.
Scott’s original K-2 prototype is on display at the Royal Academy of Arts