Fibre Optics Engineer

Fibre Optics Engineers for Essex and Local Areas

Fibre Optics Engineer

Need a BT fibre specialist? A local fibre optics engineer is at hand.
Essex Telephone Engineer is a qualified fibre optic specialist.

We specialise in; Fibre optic splicing | Fusion splicing.
Single-Mode; OS1 & OS2
Multi-Mode; OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5
Fibre repairs – Fibre testing
Fibre Optic Engineers in Essex and London.

If you are fibre customer you might have an Openreach modem (or ONT) installed.
This is the little white box that connects to your fibre optic cable.
This fibre cable is installed directly into your house or business,
allowing you to access the high speed fibre network for broadband and voice.

Fibre optics engineer BT ONT

The ONT has several green lights at the front, these lights will change colour or flash.
We can diagnose and rectify any internal issues.
If you have a red light showing – There is an issue with your fibre optic service.
Fibre optics engineer inspecting the red light on ONT

The BT fibre connection used on the ONT, is an SC fibre connection.
This is the only fibre optic cable connection
that will connect your incoming fibre service to the ONT.
The copper connection from the ONT will only supply your router
Green SC connecter for fibre optics engineer

Fibre Optic Engineers
Fibre optic cable installation (business or residential)
FTTH (Fibre to the home) Faults rectified – Cables installed
Damaged Fibre Optic cable repairs
Fibre Optic cable testing
OTDR testing

Local Business Fibre Engineers

Essex Telephone Engineer is available for major construction fibre works.
We install fibres for all business users.

Supermarkets, Office buildings, Warehouses, airports to name a few.

Fibre optics engineer covering the Essex area.

On completion of business fibre jobs a full test report is issued.

Local Essex fibre optics engineer