Essex Broadband Engineer

Essex Broadband Engineer

Essex broadband engineer is probably the most
experienced broadband technician in Essex
Local Essex telephone engineer installing broadband router

Call Essex broadband engineer    : 01245 208808
Or call an engineer direct               : 07956 239600

Essex broadband engineer
Trained well beyond the basic BT standards
Broadband is the service you pay for, that connects you to the internet.
Broadband is not WiFi
WiFi is a frequency that connects your devices to the router
That in turn, then connects you to the broadband service.
If your broadband should stop working
Your WiFi will still connect you to the router.


The services listed below are a small list of the broadband related problems we can take care of.
Whether telephone, broadband, wifi or data call us for advice and a resolution.

Broadband health check
Is your broadband service not as fast as you’d expect? Using broadband testers we show you if you are getting the speed you pay for.
Used an electrician or another amateur? Broadband is now worse than ever? Experts in with the correct tools, use ex BT engineer Essex.

Master broadband sockets installed
Currently my broadband socket is in the wrong position? Lets move it to the right position, nearer to the PC or TV.
BT junction box in the way? Call now, it can go in a discreet location.

Broadband wiring faults
Broadband stops connecting and drops out? For this reason we’re ready to verify the responsibility of the telephone fault.

Old and damaged telephone cabling, causing an issue? Thats exactly where we come in.

Internal and external telephone wires renewed
Ugly telephone wiring annoying you? With attention to detail our telephone services team are ready to resolve all problems.

Poor WiFi around your house
Why is my device not connecting to the WiFi? Where possible, move the broadband routers location to somewhere more central.
Can I have more WiFi? Yes at ex BT engineer Essex, we are certified WiFi installers.

Telephone extensions causing a poor broadband connection
Does your telephone extension socket, cause the broadband to be slower? An easy job for your local ex bt engineer.

Data Cabling, Ethernet, Cat5e / Cat6
WiFi not reaching where you need it to? Ethernet cabling installed to give you a hardwired connection to the router.
Kids screaming about the Xbox or Playstation dropping out? We will hardwire an ethernet link, no more problems.

Broadband Speeds

The speedtest button below will show your estimated speed.

Essex broadband engineer is probably the most experienced broadband technician in Essex

A professional engineer will use a broadband tester & understand the settings of your routers connection
with the telephone exchange.

Over 15 years broadband testing experience – Probably the most experienced
broadband speed technician in Essex.

Using an Ex-BT employee – Will not mean you are getting a broadband specialist. 

Be aware – Most BT staff have no broadband experience. 

They are not broadband technicians & do not understand how it works – Ask them before booking…!

A speed test site will only tell you the connection rate that the service provider is allowing you to receive.

Essex Broadband Engineer

An example
Your router shows you have a speed with the exchange at 20Meg

Yet the speed test site result shows you a speed of 12Meg..!

Where has the extra 8 Megabytes, that you are paying for, gone?

At Essex broadband engineer, We understand the complex, yet unstable way
broadband signals work, to ensure you squeeze every last piece of download speed possible,
we will try to adjust your modem synch rate settings
(service provider dependant)

Being an Ex BT employee does not qualify you to be a trained telephone or broadband engineer.
If anything, I considered myself a BT employee.
On leaving, I went back to school and gained real qualifications  – unlike the basic skill set learnt from
BT accreditations that have no worth in the global world of telecommunications

 Don’t let Slow Broadband get away with it!

Essex broadband engineer are broadband specialists
Slow broadband at a snails pace