Chigwell Telephone Engineer

Your Local Telephone Engineer

Chigwell telephone engineer, always ready to provide a prompt, quality service
to business and residential customers alike.

Helping you when no other telecommunication company can.
BT cant help?  We can..! Ring for advice, if needed.

Unlike other independent ex BT employees
We are industry qualified telecommunication consultants.

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Call Chigwell telephone engineer   : 01708 480081
Or call an engineer direct                : 07956 239600

Local Essex telephone engineer installing WiFi network
Qualified WiFi specialists

As far as we know – We’re the only trained & qualified WiFi specialists in the Chigwell area
Constantly repairing amatuer installations from electricians and TV techs.
Why chance your connectivity with telecomms amateurs?
Use a qualified professional
Never be afraid to ask if the person you’re letting in to your home
Can do what they promise to achieve.


Chigwell Telephone Engineer install master sockets in all types of properties
New master sockets fitted

Chigwell Telephone Engineer Services

We provide the best support for your telecommunications.
Residential or commercial clients?  We have the solution.

  • Master telephone sockets moved, replaced
  • Phone wiring faults
  • Telephone wires renewed.
  • Wiring hidden – Our speciality
  • Sockets cut into walls “flush fitted”
  • Broadband diagnostics – Problems resolved
  • Telephone extensions installed & repaired
  • WiFi – Extra WiFi access points – Wireless surveys
  • Data points installed. Pc, laptop, gaming points
  • Full Home & Business telephone re-wires
  • Telephone system faults & programming
  • Noisy, crackly line – Faults Repaired

When it comes to any telephone works
Call Chigwell Telephone Engineer

Line faults
Installing a new telephone network
Broadband testing
Diagnostic testing
Data cabling
Fibre optics
Poor WiFi
Essex Telephone Engineer Reviews


Chigwell Telephone Engineer reviews are excellent
Telephone Engineer Reviews 

The developing Essex county

There is so much more to Essex than you think.
A beautiful place to live, an easy commute, an area so much to see and do.

Described as being the “first village out of London,” Chigwell is a small village
with a population of approximately 15,000 people,
As far as the origins of the parish’s name go, folk etymology proclaims that the name was derived
from a lost “king’s well,” which was supposedly located south-east of the village centre
near the border of what’s now known as the London Borough of Redridge.

Chigwell lies in the south-west corner of Ongar hundred, on both banks of the Roding.
12 miles from London. 
Until the 19th century much of Buckhurst Hill was within Epping Forest.
There were only a few scattered houses in that part of the parish
before the modern development took place.