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Your local BT Inspiration engineer is just a call away.
An old BT system, that still has plenty of life left in it.

BT Inspiration engineer
BT Inspiration telephone

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Are you searching for a fully qualified, BT telephone engineer.

An ex BT Inspiration engineer.

A BT Inspiration telephone engineer from Essex telephone engineer is able to help. You’ll speak directly to a fully qualified telephone engineer.

Have any questions or problems with your BT Inspiration?

Please contact us via one of the various methods offered through this website and we shall be happy to answer them.

01245 208808 – 07956 239600

  • Moving premises and need to shift your BT Inspiration telephone system?
  • Need to move your BT Inspiration System to a new location?
  • Need a Qualified Telephone Engineer with experience at BT & working in the real world
  • BT Inspiration programming required?
  • Adding extra telephone lines or extensions?
  • Get the job done quickly with minimum of fuss or disruption.

01245 208808 – 07956 239600

  • Advice for all your BT Inspiration Telephone System needs
  • Have your BT Inspiration Telephone System installed and configured so it works for you, the way you always wanted it too.
  • Get expert advice and free estimates over the telephone.
BT Inspiration telephone system
BT Inspiration telephone system

01245 208808 – 07956 239600

I can help you with your BT Inspiration Programming .  BT Inspiration telephone System handsets configured to your requirements. Voice mail programming – call attendant – licensed music on hold – office out of hours message – etc.

BT Inspiration manual

BT Versatility.pdf
BT Versatility.pdf

 01245 208808 – 07956 239600

Haven’t had a BT Inspiration telephone engineer look at your system in a while, and you are now having a few problems.
it’s a good time to book  your BT Inspiration Phone System for a service.
Fix those problems you’ve been putting up with for ages and have your servicing
carried out from an experienced BT Inspiration Telephone engineer.

 01245 208808 – 07956 239600

Is your BT Inspiration Maintenance Contract bill very high, Don’t despair if you have problems with your BT Inspiration System, just call us and see if we can give you a realistic cost effective quote. Sometimes Essex telephone engineer even beat your contract costs by up to 50%.