Local WiFi engineer

Local WiFi engineer

Advice from a local WiFi engineer on Wi-Fi Access Point Installation.
Pioneers in this field of technology since 2002.

WiFi is now considered one of the basic human needs alongside gas & electricity.
Although this statement is said lightly, it has become impossible to live without a wireless connection these days.
The availability of a stable internet connection is crucial
to social and family interactions, as well as business transactions.

As your local WiFi engineer, I understand the only thing more frustrating
than the lack of a wireless internet connection is an unreliable internet connection.
Many telecom service providers have not invested in making WiFi connections
from their supplied router, as efficient as they could be.

Poor wireless connections can be a thing of the past in your household or business
with Essex Telephone Engineer, your local WiFi engineer.

Covering Chelmsford, Southend, Brentwood, Billericay, Romford, Hornchurch,
Colchester, Maldon, Canvey Island, Rayleigh and many more local areas.

We are qualified Wi-Fi installers.

You might want some advice as a client, if you plan to install an access point.
Our expertise and knowledge would help you know what to expect from the device you’ve bought and the limits it has.
We have 20years of experience and completed certificated training to qualify as professional installers.

Garden room WiFi points

Presently we are installing many WiFi access points to garden rooms & external office spaces.
You do not need to buy a second broadband connection.
We simply extend your service from your existing broadband router to the new installation.
The house router is not touched or moved, (unless you want it moved).
New equipment carries the broadband service to where you want it.
WiFi access points are then installed to increase your WiFi coverage.
This can be completed with or without wires, depending on the scenario and limitations.
We can fully cover a garden area, BBQ, Conservatory or other WiFi black-spots
to give you 100% WiFi coverage.
Local WiFi engineer installs to Garden Rooms in EssexEssex Telephone Engineer are installers for many local garden room companies.
Urban Dens, Aspinalls, Meadow Croft Garden Centre, to name a few.
As the local WiFi engineer, we are specialist installers and often have to firefight
when the builder or electrician has tried to complete a WiFi task
of which they have no understanding of the job at hand.

WiFi Gaming

The best way to get a great experience for gaming is not to use a WiFi connection
Essex Telephone Engineer, your local WiFi engineer can show you how.
For no “lag” or slow speeds it is always advisable to have an ethernet cable installed directly to the device.
Whether that’s an Xbox, Playstation, PC or other gaming device.
A cable installed directly, will always outperform a WiFi connection.

Also with the advent of VR (virtual reality) devices, mainly OCULUS Quest
There is a better way to make the headset connect
if you know and understand the WiFi technology behind it.